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Committed to providing the highest quality of simple, reliable health tests, which can be easily carried out in the home or workplace..

Thanks to new technology there is now a wide range of easy to use tests that make it simple to take an active interest in staying healthy. Testing at home enables a discreet way to check your health.

We at Home Health have tried and tested every kit that we sell on this site and have chosen those tests which we believe to be the simplest, most accurate and the best value for money.

When caught in the early stages, potentially serious illnesses are much easier to treat.

An early diagnosis may detect a disorder at an easily treatable stage. All our selected tests can be carried out in the privacy of your home. They are designed to spot problems before there are any obvious signs or symptoms.

If you have any symptoms that worry you and the test is negative, you should still visit your doctor. Positive results are not common and even then, may not be a symptom of anything serious. It’s important that any positive result, even pregnancy, is followed up by a doctor’s visit.

When using any of our tests please read the enclosed leaflets in detail before carrying out the test and note any special instructions, as any small mistake can alter the result of the test.

Please take a moment to contact us and give us feedback about the site and let us know how we can better serve you.

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