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Professional Test Kits

Home Health US supply a wide range of professional testing kits and accessories.


Welcome to Home Health US Inc

Supply reliable diagnostic test kits

Home Health US Inc is committed to providing the highest quality of simple and reliable diagnostic test kits. Our range of FDA cleared home and professional testing kits will included products such as; drug testing kits, pregnancy tests, ovulation fertility tests, urine infection test strips as well as many other general health test kits. All our tests are easy to use and will give you a result there and then.

In addition to the types of products already mentioned we will be offering a range of Pet and Vet diagnostic testing kits and treatments.

We offer some of the leading health tests brands in the US such as Clearblue, SD Codefree, Church and Dwight and our own brand One Step. Our extensive range of testing kits are suitable for home, professional and employer workplace testing and are widely used by doctors, hospitals, and laboratories across the US.


General Health Tests

Shop our collection of home health testing kits available online now, and find the appropriate test to monitor your health.


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